We know, we know, our kids wear 6-12 months sized sweatpants one day and the next week, the same sweatpants are fitting like we wish our Spanx would.

Yet sometimes, we are just in the mood to pop into a small biz and grab a few things for our kids, a gift for a friend or shop others’ registries! The clothing especially can be handed down to your second/third/fourth child, given to your besties or family for their little ones or you can sell them at a great consignment store like As They Grow in Berwyn! Unless… there’s an explosive diaper situation that none of the above recycling tips would salvage.

Am I going on a tangent again? Yes.

Anyway… Here are our Top 5 Local Kids Boutiques for when you have those 20 minutes to go treat the littles like we should treat ourselves. Enjoy!

  1. Luxey Little Ones: West Chester, PA
    • The title pretty much describes exactly what this store has to offer. Luxe clothes and furniture for our little ones. They also have some of the registry items, decor and gear we can only dream about. Added bonus: they have an online shop with design services!
    • Price: $$$
  2. cBop, Haverford, PA
    • When in Haverford Square, it’s hard not going in cBop. Their salespeople are so nice and love helping you find that perfect outfit or gift. Bonus: they have music class every Thursday!
    • Price: $$$$
  3. Out There Oufitters, Wayne, PA
    • Now we know this doesn’t seem like a likely store we love for our littles, but in the wintertime, it’s a go to. Great winter coats and clothes by Patagonia and North Face – ones our kids can wear for a few years so you definitely get your ROI.
    • Price: $$
  4. Kids ‘N Cribs, Wayne, PA
    • We can’t help but make our way into Kids ‘N Cribs whenever we are in Wayne. A plethora of furniture, apparel, baby gear, unique toys and gifts make this quaint store one of our favorites. You can also register here. Note: clothing sizes go up to ~2T.
    • Price: $$
  5. Pucci Manuli, Ardmore, PA
    • If Anthropologie were to ever open a kids store, we imagine Pucci Manuli would be the place. The merchandising of the unique selection of toys, books and the like is heaven for your senses.
    • Price: $$