Around the holidays, and right after the busyness of the holidays, you may need time for – stillness, silence, breath, especially as you contemplate what you want to manifest in the new year.

This time of year, it’s hard to actually sit back and take some time to just BREATHE – to take just a few minutes and sit in the silence of our thoughts. It’s hard to remember that the to-do list will get done – it always does. But when we actually take that minute or two to sit in stillness, in silence, & breathe deeply, we sometimes realize after the fact how much we desperately needed that time for ourselves.

Five quick & easy ways to calm the mind & stay present:

  • Wake up 5 minutes before the rest of the house
  • Long commute? Sitting in traffic? Turn the radio off, sit in silence & breathe deeply
  • During your work break or when the kids are napping, go outside and get fresh air or go for a quick brisk walk
  • Before walking into your kids room to get them up for the day, take a few deep breathes to prepare yourself for how you start the day with your kids
  • Lastly, and yet most importantly, don’t forget to TAKE TIME FOR YOURSELF. Whatever your stress reliever is during your regular routine—be it yoga or working out or meditating—make sure that you find the time to maintain those habits during the holidays