With all that’s going around these days we want to do everything we can to keep ourselves and our family healthy. That’s why we have gone to the professional herself! Below is the recipe our Nutritionist, Jacqueline Russer, sent us to help stay cold free!

Immunity Boosting Echinacea Elderberry tonic Due to the cold and flu season and new COVID-19. 6 Tea bags organic Echinacea tea 6 cups of water 4 oz Elderberry syrup 1 T local raw honey. Bring water to a boil then turn water off and add tea bags. Let steep for 8-10 min. Squeeze teabags and remove from water. Add raw honey, stir to dissolve. Let mixture cool, then add 4 oz elderberry and stir. Keep mixture in fridge for storage. When serving to adults and children mix one-part mixture and one-part water. Best to drink daily to support immune system especially during cold and flu season.