Meditation: My Why & How

But really, who has time to meditate?

I often had the same thoughts.  With endless daily tasks for my children, work, home, family, I truly didn’t think there were enough hours in the day for a personal time-out to practice this meditation hocus pocus!

Things shifted for me when I realized it’s those like me, those who are around-the-clock busy who need it the absolute most! In order to preserve my energy and stay present, I will take time to practice.

And it is practice.  It does require a little, sometimes a lot of, patience and gentleness towards myself, as I allow my mind to settle in. It’s a muscle I need to workout.

It doesn’t hurt that meditation is proven to calm the mind and the nervous system. I know for me, it definitely helps me become less reactive and focus on being more present. I had become accustomed to jumping to conclusions about triggering situations (and of course at times, I still do, I’m human after all), but whether it’s with my kids, my husband or my job, there is a difference with heavily meditated Sarah.

Do you have ONE spare minute? I mean it, even one minute in the 1440 minutes the day holds. That’s really all you need to calm the mind.

Meditation made easy…

Your mind wanders too much? Mine still does too at times. When my mind wanders, I focus on my mantra. When you inhale say to yourself, “Inhaling, I am inhaling.” When you exhale say, “Exhaling, I am exhaling.” Or, on your inhale say, “I am love” and on your exhale, say, “I am light.” It’s a great way to set the tone for your day.

Set your alarm just a few minutes earlier than the rest of the house. Sit up in bed and take a few deep breaths. This is a perfect way to start your day.

For those that want to dig even deeper, we swear by these two meditation apps: Headspace & Calm. Both apps have free trials we highly recommend utilizing. After that, you can decide if the monthly cost works for you. If not, come back here where we will post our tips and tricks, maybe even a guided free meditation or two!